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Transmedia Education?

Looks like transmendia storytelling has the potential to shift they way education can be compared to how it was back in the day. SEE HERE These principles of taking technology and maximizing it’s use and effectiveness for the overall educational experience can also change the way a business tells their own story. We all don’t learn the same way, so why how can we really expect our audience to all “get” what our campaign is saying? It’s not just about being on every available network on the internet, it’s about knowing and taking advantage of what each specific network can do. What makes Twitter different from Facebook? Why is the stuff on Vimeo seem so much more high class than what is on YouTube? 

Social Media is not rocket science, it’s strategic.

Social Media & Politics

Want to watch big time politics thru the eyes of social media? Lookee here….http://ow.ly/8i9pO